CMMI Institute Certification

CMMI-DEV Instructor Training Entrance Exam

Exam Specifications

The purpose of the examination is to determine if the applicant is adequately prepared for the course. Exam content goes beyond that of the Intermediate Concepts of CMMI for Development course in the following ways:

  • It evaluates CMMI knowledge at a greater depth of understanding.
  • It includes knowledge about model structure and content that instructors need to have “at their fingertips” while teaching.

The exam consists of 52 multiple choice questions. Successful completion of the exam involves answering at least 80% of the questions correctly. 2.0 hours will be allotted for each individual to complete the closed-book exam. The questions are drawn from the following topic areas:

  • Overview of CMMI Components
  • Institutionalization
  • Process Areas of CMMI-DEV
  • Structure of Continuous and Staged Representations
  • CMMI Architecture
  • GP/PA, PA/PA Relationships
  • Generic Practices
  • High Maturity Concepts
  • Terminology


Exam Registration

The exam fee is $250. To register for the exam:

1. Go to and select Register for Exam.

2. If you are a new user, follow the instructions found in the first bullet.

3. Select the CMMI-DEV Instructor Training Entrance Exam and click the Buy Now button. You can browse the list of testing locations without buying the exam.

4. Once you have decided on a test site, you can select that location by clicking the box next to the name of the test site and then clicking on the Select button.

5. After selecting a test site, you will be shown a calendar with available dates and a list of available start times for the site you have selected.

6. After scheduling your test session and acknowledging that you have read the “no-shows and cancellations” policy, click the Select button.

7. You will now be able to review your selections. If you wish to proceed to checkout and purchase the exam, click on Check Out.

8. Once in checkout, you will be asked to provide your billing and payment information.

9. After the exam has been purchased, you will receive an email that confirms your purchase and provides important information about your testing session, including your candidate authorization code. You will need this information in order to take the exam. We suggest you take the email with you to your testing session.

Exam Retake Policy

  • If an applicant does not pass the exam, they may retake it by following the instructions above. The exam may be retaken a maximum of three times. The cost of a retake exam is $250.
  • If, after three retakes, an applicant has not passed the exam, he/she will be required to repeat the Intermediate Concepts of CMMI for Development course and pay the current course fee before reapplying for the Instructor Training course.
  • A passing exam score is valid for a period of 12 months. If, after 12 months, an applicant has not taken the Instructor Training course, he/she must retake the exam and pay the $250 exam fee.

Exam Refund Policy

  • If an applicant needs to cancel their exam, they may do so and receive a full refund by contacting at least 72 hours prior to the scheduled exam time.
  • If less than 72 hours advance notice is provided, only a partial refund will be issued.
  • Once an applicant has taken the exam, no refund will be issued.


Contact with any questions.